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Subject: Cam, Chapter 5Previously:
“I don’t want to let you go.”We kissed some more and then I jumped up and headed to the kitchen. A
couple minutes later I heard the shower kick on and Scott was singing! I
had to laugh as I fixed break- fast. As I was setting everything on the
table, Scott came walking in nude as the day he was born. WOW!! What a
handsome beauty he was. Taunt, rippled body and a cock and balls any man
would be proud of.I had him sit and served him his food with a beaming smile on my face. Our
eye contact spoke volumes and I was realizing I had a dilemma. I was in
love with both Cam and Scott. Just then I heard the 202 lolitas mamadas espanolas front door as Cam
called out to us.”In the kitchen!”Cam came sauntering in right up to me and kissed me “Hey sweet thing.”He walked over and poured a cup of coffee and joined us at the table, his
eyes fixed on me. Cam could read me like a book. He smiled “It’s okay
Mikey….to have
two lovers …….as long as you remember I’m number 1!”I smiled and looked from him to Scott and then back again.”Scott is my best and dearest friend, almost another brother. If you can
live with the two of us fucking your brains out, I’m all for it.” He looked
over at Scott and Scottbeamed and nodded in agreement.At that moment I realized I had it all.
Now Chapter 5:The three of us sat and enjoyed our meal and talked about various subjects.
Cam was very thoughtful and never asked about what we did while he was
gone to meet
Dad.”So how was Dad?”"Good, but somewhat tired. He said he would be back tomorrow night late
once he was sure Mom had everything she would need for awhile. He said Aunt
Jean wasn’t doing very well.”"So, do you guys want to be alone or do you feel up to hitting the mall for
a movie this afternoon?” Scott asked.I looked at Cam and said it was up to him since he had been the busy one
this morning.”Actually Scott, I would prefer to spend some more quality time with
Michael before Dad gets back…..if you don’t mind?”Scott smiled “I can understand that dude. Let me get dressed and out of
your way. But if you two get bored later, give me a shout.”Cam chuckled as he kissed me “I don’t think I will have any way of getting
bored.”Scott laughed “Right! What was I thinking?”Scott came over to me, leaned over and kissed me. Then quietly leaned into
my ear as he hugged me “Thanks, gorgeous.” I was all grins as I said I was
headed to the
bathroom for a quick shower.I was in relaxing under the warm spray when i felt some strong arms
encircle me. It was Cam.”God russian lolita dark portal bro, I really missed you this morning. Next time I’ll have you ride
along with me.” And he started kissing me all over, his hands wandering
over my body. I was hard in seconds. Cam already was hard. We granpa porn lolita movies kissed and
made out for a couple minutes in the shower.”Can we take this back to my bed? I want to be inside you so bad it hurts.”I giggled that I had such an effect on Cam. We finished showering and once
Cam had dried me off, I went running in and jumped into our bed, since they
were still pushed together. Cam joined me in a flash laughing at my antics,
then took me in his arms and started kissing me, his hands caressing my
body, my nipples, my dick and balls. At that moment I was the complete
focus of his world and he made me feel it in every way.And this time was so different than our previous lovemaking. He stimulated
every inch of my body, even sucking my toes before sucking my dick and
balls. When his mouth reached my hole, I was a squirming mass as he sank
his tongue inside me. I was begging him to fuck me, but he continued www top 100 lolitas his
loving assault on my ass driving me absolutely crazy.When he finally stopped, he assumed his position between my legs and ever
so slowly started pushing his engorged cock inside me. It was torturous
pleasure feeling him move so slowly into me, that beaming smile on his face
as he watched my reaction. And once he was fully buried, he leaned in and
kissed me passionately taking my breath away. I was panting hard as he
slowly started stroking in and out of my ass with his thick cock.”God bro, your ass is phenomenal! Your ass muscles feel like hands pulling
and stroking my cock inside you.”I felt myself loosing control as my back arched off the bed, then pushing
my butt deeply into his groin. When I grabbed his thighs and pulled him
deeper, I began begging “Fuck me Cam, fill me with your love bro!”We were lost in our mutual lust as Cam fucked me five times straight,
dumping massive loads of cum deep inside me each time. When he collapsed on
top of me, I was begging for more. After a few minutes rest, he started in
again and some 30 minutes
later was washing down my insides with another load of sperm. I was
possessed and wanted him to fucking wear me out. He just looked at me with
an odd look, then reached over for his cell phone.”Yeah! Get over here now…I need your help.”"What was that?”"Michael, what is wrong with you? You are acting fucking possessed!….
Baby, I need a break to recharge.”Within minutes, Scott was standing in our bedroom door. “What’s preteen lolitas tpg bbs
wrong??”"Dude, get undressed and fuck him! The boy has lost his mind. I’ve have
fucked him nonstop and he wants MORE!”Scott quickly stripped his clothes off and took over Cam’s position between
my legs. In no time he buried his cock inside delicious preteen lolitas bbs
me and was pounding my ass
like there was no tomorrow.”DAMN! Those ass muscles are too much!”Scott blew a gushing load within minutes and was off to the races fucking
me again. Then he slowed down and looked at me.”Michael, are all the cum loads since last night still inside you?”"Yeah!”Scott looked at Cam “I vaguely remember reading something about this online
some time back. I thought it was a joke. Evidently Mikey’s body is
absorbing all the hormones from the cum loads and it’s having an adverse
effect.”Cam was concerned “Well, what do we do?”Scott russian lolita dark portal slowly eased his cock out of me.”NO, don’t! Please FUCK ME!” I begged.”Let’s get him in the shower. Fill his enema and let’s get him cleaned
out!”"You sure?”"No! But it makes sense to get as much out of him to stop what’s
happening.”They both carried me into the shower and over the next 15 minutes, cleaned
me out repeatedly. When they were satisfied with their work, they carried
me back to bed, encouraging me to relax and rest as Cam applied www top 100 lolitas a cool
washcloth to my forehead. Then bbs loli no nude they sandwiched me.”Will one of you please plant your cock inside me so I can sleep?”Cam told Scott to please do it since he was worn out. Scott didn’t need to
be asked twice as he eased his cock up little loli angel models inside me. Again, I felt complete
and as I relaxed, I quickly fell into a deep, restful sleep.
******Dedicated to Randy and russian lolita dark portal Ray********Sorry it wasn’t a long chapter guys - I’m still trying to play catchup on
all my stories:”Bad Boy” - incest”Cabin Storm” - incest”Construction Dad” - incest”Wolf” - beastiality
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